Peppermint Recipes

Peppermint Recipes

Peppermint Blend for Nausea

For a good nausea helper, blend two drops peppermint and a drop of ginger in a 10ml roller bottle, filling the rest of the space with the carrier oil of your choice. Use on the upper stomach area to help relieve the symptoms of nausea.

Peppermint Blend for Headache

In a 10 ml roller bottle add four drops of peppermint and then fill with the carrier oil of your choice (olive oil, grapeseed oil, and safflower are our favorites). Use on the forehead and the base of the neck to help relieve headache symptoms.

Peppermint Blend for Respiratory Relief

Whip one ounce of coconut oil with a hand mixer or a whip. Add in two drops peppermint and a drop of eucalyptus. Whip again and use like vapor rub on the chest.

Peppermint Diffuser Aroma Blend

Add two drops peppermint and one drop orange for a refreshing scent for 100 ml water in a diffuser.

Peppermint Blend for Sunburn

In a base of 2 ounces aloe vera juice add a drop of peppermint and a drop of lavender and mix well. Having it in the refrigerator is a bonus for sunburn use, but if it is left out this will only have about a week of shelf life. Use on sunburnt skin.

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