Lavender Essential Oil for Postpartum Insomnia

Lavender Essential Oil for Postpartum Insomnia

Sleep disorder in new mothers:

Pregnancy, labor, and birth are a huge stress for mothers, not just physical, but, due to hormonal changing, emotional. Sleep-related disorders are not a surprise during these periods. Insomnia and bad sleeping causing concentration deficiencies, decrease in judgment, daytime fatigue. Sleep loss can also increase a new mom’s risk of postpartum mood problems and an irritability. Even moderate sleep loss has a similar effect to sleep deprivation. Research shows, that aromatherapy can be a big help for new mothers during pregnancy or postpartum periods,  for sleep quality improvement.

Sciences studies. Effectiveness of aromatherapy in postpartum insomnia:

Zanjan University of Medical Sciences studied 158 mothers in the postpartum period. Lavender fragrance was used by participants in the intervention group nightly before sleeping, 4 times a week for 8 weeks. The fragrance was dropped on cotton balls, and placed on a cylindrical container. The participants inhaled 10 deep breaths from the container at a projected distance of 20 cm, and then it was placed beside the pillow until morning. For the control group, the same intervention was done with the placebo.

Before the intervention, there were no significant differences between mothers in two groups. Comparing sleep quality between control and intervention groups after 8 weeks from the beginning of the experiment indicated that aromatherapy was effective in the improvement of mothers’ sleep quality (with Pittsburgh sleep quality index (P < 0.05).

Lavender essential oil for postpartum recovery:

Based on the findings of this studies aromatherapy (and Lavender Essential Oil in particular) has been suggested as a non-pharmacological method for the improvement of the maternal health. Good quality of sleep helps to regulate hormones and improve the immunity level. Before using aromatherapy please follow the safety guidelines strictly. It will help to reduce the adverse effects and helpful for better outcomes.